Proven results for the travel & ticketing industry.

Secure your business and your customers with device-based and multifactor authentication and machine learning solutions that speed your customers to checkout, while blocking fraud attacks.

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66% of our retail customers stopped fraud rings.

Source: TechValidate

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90% saw ROI within 6 months of using our solutions.

Source: TechValidate

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85% who’d experienced new account fraud saw an ROI within 3 months.

Source: TechValidate


Want to secure your business while protecting your profits?

We understand ticketing fraud, who the perps are and how to stop them using patented technology, specific solutions and a community of experts ready to help.

  • Spot and stop fraudulent chargebacks.

    We’re able to expose hidden device-account relationships that identity-based fraud solutions often miss, all in an instant and all without interfering with your customer’s online experience.

  • Prevent botnet attacks and protect your logins.

    Our deep device intelligence and experience in ticket fraud sets up barriers that prevent bots from creating new, fraudulent accounts and stealing your earnings.

  • Smooth and speed your good customers’ path to purchase.

    Our deep device intelligence lets you instantly identify good customers and provide them with a hassle-free experience, from login right through to purchase.

  • Save time and costs by reducing your review queues, while enhancing customers’ online experience.

    Our fraud prevention technology detects and flags fraudulent activity, eliminating the need for manual reviews. Our machine learning catches even more fraud by detecting both subtle and industry-wide risk patterns.

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The reality is that device recognition is one of the only ways to really stop scalping and unfair ticket sales.

Steve Geib Vice President of Client Services, New Era Tickets

Solutions that block fraud and ease authentication.

Technology and tools that protect your customers, make authentication easy and provide powerful protection against fraud.

Connect with us to:

  • Protect your brand and profits
  • Keep your customers safe
  • Reduce credit card chargebacks
  • Decrease customer service hassles
  • Stop fraudulent ticket sales

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